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Why Choose Us

6 High Income Skills under Ayvid

Why only these Skills & not any others?

There are millions of High Income Skills in the market today as of 2022-2023

It's obviously not possible to learn all of them in one lifetime, but it's possible & sensible to learn only a few which are the best. And for the same reason, the 7 High Income Skills included under Business Development Programme (BDP) are not random, but carefully chosen. These are the Skills that have been proven time to time to be the most demanding Skills for years. And with the current Economy & Startup culture changing, world knows it that these are the Skills that are going to stay relevant in the Industry for atleast next 5 to 7 Years. Whole purpose of BDP is to give you a set of Skills, that will keep you relevant in the market for years to come. We believe money & solid Income sources only follow people who are relevant, for a very long time.

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Why Choose Us

Why not just 1, why 6?

Nobody ever made any significant amount of Money or a great Career with just 1 High Income Skill. Other than acting as major backup career options, these 7 High Income Skills altogether give you a 360° Exposure of what it takes to be successful in today's Era.

Month 1
Skill 1
Web Development

What you'll learn?
- Website Essentials (Domain, Hosting, SSL, Themes)
- Integration of Essentials
- WordPress Website Development
- Top Web Development Plug-ins & Editors
- Wix Web Development
- Design Thinking
- E-Commerce Website
- Payment Integration
- Logo making for International High Paying Clients

Month 2
Skill 2
Digital Marketing

What you'll learn?
- Search Engine Optimization
- Search Engine Marketing
- Organic Content Marketing
- PPC tactics
- Google Console & AdSense
- Facebook Ads + Pixel
- IG Ads + Organic marketing
- Quora (Basic to Advance)
- LinkedIn Ads + Sales Navigator + Advance Lead Generation

Month 3
Skill 3
Sales Funnels

What you'll learn?
- Value Ladder & Concept of Funneling
- Online & Offline Sales Funnels
- Types of Traffic
- How Pre-Framing works?
- BACKEND Funels
- Different Phases of Funnels
- High Ticket Sales & Closing Applications
- FUNNEL HACKING + Competitor Analysis

Month 4
Skill 4
Affiliate Marketing

What you'll learn?
- Concept of Affiliate Marketing
- Product Review
- How to choose a Perfect Product Niche
- Landing Page Creation + Optimization
- CLICKBANK Affiliate Empire
- SHOPIFY Affiliate Empire
- Amazon Affiliate Empire
- Learn how to create Affiliate Links
- Affiliate Payment Strategies

Month 5
Skill 5

What you'll learn?
- Choose the Perfect E-Commerce Platform
- Product Launch on Amazon
- Buying Behaviour
- SHOPIFY E-Commerce
- LOGISTICS (National + International)
- Luxury Business
- E-Commerce Collaborations for Boosting Sales
- Indian Retail & Wholesale Market
- Foreign Retail & Wholesale Market

Month 6
Skill 6
Product Development

What you'll learn?
- Learn Product Life Cycle in Depth
- Learn Market Positioning + Testing / Sampling
- Product Launch + Marketing
- Product Development
- Business Development + Consultancy
- Customer Satisfaction Strategies
- Lifetime Value (LTV) Concept + Strategies
- Product Writing (Review + Description)
- Branding + Paid Promotions

What happens once you finish
learning these 6 High Income Skills?

3 Career Options under Ayvid

100% Job Placement for Pan India + International

Guaranteed minimum 5 Interviews & end to end Assistance until you get a 100% High Paying Job Placement!

Freelancing with High Paying Clients

Current BDP Students make 3 to 5 to 10 Lakhs per month under this option

Start or Scale your existing/ new Business!

Scale your existing/ new Company to a point where you have atleast 10 High Paying Clients/Contracts on a retaining basis!

Programme Details

How BDP Sessions & Timings work?

Note that majority of the BDP Students are Working Professionals & Students, so Sessions & Timings are completely Flexible.

Fees :
Premium membership : 1.18L INR
Elite membership : 2.36L INR

Tenure : 12 months/ 18 months


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