Our story as a Company

Freelancing & Business Consultation

Ayvis started as a Business Consultation Firm where we consulted over 10,000+ small to medium to big sized Companies, Entrepreneurs & Individuals. We know better than anyone else what it takes to make an Individual or a Company successful from scratch. Coming from a Consultation background, we have not just generated our Clients profits in millions of dollars but seen Companies scale under us who are just on the verge of bankruptcy. We have failed, we have succeeded. We have seen it all, what it takes to build a solid sustaining empire from scratch. Doing the same for few years we realized, we have developed excellent Networks & Expertise when it comes to making money, be it for individual Entrepreneurs or Companies. And for the same, we decided why not share the same level of expertise, exposure & networks with people who are far younger. Young entrepreneurs who can make use of this knowledge & start early.



Why Choose Us

How making Money as a Freelancer/ Scaling your existing or New Business under Ayvid works?

BDP Students go through a rigorous process of learning & implementing the concepts via below mentioned process. This is how we guarantee 100% Results!

We excel in terms of

Ofcourse you can pick more than 1, you will always be encouraged to have multiple Income Sources & giving you the same is the whole purpose of BDP

1. Network

Considering Ayvid's previous B2B background in Consultation, we provide a Network of potential Mentors & Investors who are willing to guide you & network with you beyond the programme tenure too. Consider the Network you make under BDP as a Lifetime asset.

2. Opportunities

BDP is World's only full fledged platform that not just teaches you 7 different High Income Skills, but also guarantees you a 100% Job Placement (Pan India + International), Freelancing Projects & help, & ofcourse Top notch Business Consultation

3. Exposure

Knowledge gained under BDP is complete Industry driven. Throughout your Tenure, you will be given Assignments & Live Projects to do, & the purpose of this is to get you hands on practical Exposure on the concepts you learn under this programme


How much Money do BDP Students make?


Top notch Consultation for our BDP Students